Visit Download section to download the fully functional working, limited period demo of the Zomeo. Also download section provides video demos of most of the features of Zomeo.
Please mail livedemo@hompath.com, if you need live demonstration of the software. Hompath’s demonstration team will address your all queries regarding the software.
Hompath provides a Hompath Quick Join to facilitate the real time demonstration of the product. Download Hompath Quick Join and get connected with Hompath Demonstrators for software demonstrations.
Alternatively, mail hompath at livedemo@hompath.com to schedule a demonstration with our executives.
Visit Download section to download the fully functional working, limited period demo of the Zomeo. Also download section provides video demos of most of the features of Zomeo.
The Demo version of the software works for 90 days. You can schedule a live demo of the product by sending email to livedemo@hompath.com.
The software package comes with the training DVD which has the video tutorials for most of the features of the software. The package also comes with the user manual pdf files. Alternatively use Hompath Quick Join to get the training and assistance on the software.
If you need additional training, contact us at livedemo@hompath.com.
Hompath software runs on windows system and the minimum configurations required are as follows:
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit or 64 bit editions)
  • Intel Pentium, AMD Athlon 64 or higher
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • 3GB of free hard disk space
  • 1280 X 768 screen resolution
  • DVD drive
  • 1 USB Port

Make sure you have enough hard disk space in your system before installing the software.
Installation setup comes with “Installation guide” booklet which provides the step by step guide to install the software.
Follow the steps and instructions provided in the “Installation guide” booklet. Installation process installs the software and necessary components to run the software. When the installation is done, you will find hompath icon on your desktop.
Insert the USB key in any of the USB port and start hompath software using the desktop icon or from the Start menu. The application, for the first time, asks for a product key. A dialog box with unique ID will appear at the start up.
Click on “Contact” button or click on Register Product link. Enter your details and Unique ID and click on Submit button. A product key will be mailed to your email address. Alternatively you can contact Hompath support to get the product key.
Enter the product key in the dialog box opened and click on Register button. The software will start and asks for a default physician registration. Enter the physician details and software will start and is ready to use.Visit Download section to download the fully functional working, limited period demo of the Zomeo. Also download section provides video demos of most of the features of Zomeo.
The Demo version of the software works for 90 days. You can schedule a live demo of the product by sending email to livedemo@hompath.com.
Hompath Security key is a software protection key. Security key is USB key which should be inserted in to any one of the USB port before you start the software. Only one security key will be provided for software so please keep the key safely.
Please contact Hompath Support or mail your details to support@hompath.com. There will be additional charges for lost or damaged security keys.
Hompath software requires a onetime registration process. When you start your software for the first time the software generates a unique ID and asks for a product key against the unique ID. Visit Register Product and register the product which sends you the product key to your email address. Use this product key to start the application. Alternatively you can send the unique ID to support@hompath.com and get the product key.
The Hompath security key and registration key pair works only for one system. So the same pair will not work for another system. If you need another registration for different system, please contact support@hompath.com.
This may happen if you have installed the software on another system or if you have upgraded the system to new one. Please contact support@hompath.com to get new product key for your software.
Take a backup of patient data using “Backup & Restore” feature to a safe location. Uninstall Hompath software using “Add Remove Programs” of control panel. Insert Installation DVD and run setup. Refer “Installation guide” for further help on installation. You may need to register the product again. If so, please contact Hompath at support@hompath.com.
The Installation setup comes with the Installation Guide booklet which provides the step by step guide to install the software. If you any assistance during installation use Hompath Priority Support by downloading Hompath Quick Support.
For any technical and support related issues you can visit Support section. For quick assistance use Hompath Quick Support.
Alternatively, you can also contact our support team at support@hompath.com or call us on +91 22 6141 7819 / +91 98690 71606.
Seigal Method is about practicing on the feelings of the patient which are later interpreted and matched with rubrics of the Mind. It was pioneered by Dr. M. L. Sehgal, who developed the concept that if a person is sick, he has a characteristic state of ‘present, predominating, persisting feeling’ connected to his/her sickness. This state of mind takes the form of outward expressions reflected in the form of speech and gestures. Thereby, allowing us to select mind rubrics while the patient is narrating the complaints.

The “Sehgal Brothers,” as Dr. M. L. Sehgal’s sons, Dr. Yogesh and Dr. Sanjay are popularly known, have been successfully carrying forward the glorious legacy of their father.
Seigal expert system helps us choose the right medicine easily and quickly using mind as a base. Suppose, if the patient says “I don’t like to take allopathic medicine, because of its side effects or because I don’t want to spoil my body.”

The rubrics which may be considered are - Fear of being Injured or Fear of being poisoned by medicine.
In Seigal expert system, many doctor-patient conversations (as described above), which are frequently encountered in practice, are described whereby, on selecting a particular conversation a set of rubrics can be viewed along with suggested remedy by the experts for that conversation. These are also called ‘Patient Versions’. in Seigal expert system.

Such easy is the method of finding the mind rubrics with this software, and it has been proved repeatedly for many years of great clinical results.
We can study the entire repertory with respect to each and every word present in it for better and precise understanding of repertory. Meanings of each word from standard dictionary (Webster’s) are listed, along with examples of ‘Patient Versions’ and ‘Related Rubrics’ for that word.

To know more, you can download the teaching video on ‘Seigal Expert System’ here
Entire collection of books by Sehgal School of Revolutionized Homeopathy is included (12 books) in the software.
Tempraz is a homoeopathic software by Dr. Parinaz Humranwala and Mind Technologies which helps and guides the physician to select the indicated medicine out of 100’s of medicine which come after working of a case.
Temperaments as defined in standard dictionaries:

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary:
It is the psychological and biological organization peculiar to the individual, including one’s character or personality predispositions, which influence the manner of thought and action and general views of life.

Webster Universal Dictionary:
  • Characteristic combination of bodily, mental, and moral qualities, which together constitute the character and disposition of an individual and predispose him to act and behave in a particular manner.
  • Specific, an intense, passionate nature and character. 
    Temperament is the behavior style or how of behavior as, or what of behavior, and the motivations, or why of behavior. It is n-dimensional. Our temperament, the “Real Me”, takes form according to our genetic material. Temperament, is the fundamental core of the individual, which manifests itself whenever an impression is made upon the mind, be that impression caused by thought - by thinking about something or by representation through the imagination - or by external stimuli. It merely recognizes basic differences that influence ones approach to life.

    It is part of what makes each individual distinct. Thus if we are able to identify the temperament of the patient, our choice of remedy becomes much easier.
Our temperament takes form according to our genetic material given to us at conception and remains constant throughout our life. The temperament is the “real me”. Personality is the dress one puts on over oneself. It is the overall facade that we portray, the attire and clothes that we wear, how we groom ourselves, the way we walk, talk, eat, sit etc. The personality is what we “see”, the outer shell of the coconut.
‘Tempraz Evaluation’ feature actually helps us to calculate and evaluate any patient’s temperament. There are ‘Tempraz words’ listed in it, which can be selected for evaluation in any particular case. Once we have selected a set of ‘Tempraz words’ for a case, the expert system suggests the dominant temperament/s of the patient.

We can simultaneously record rubrics for corresponding ‘Tempraz words’. Once we have finally repertorized a case, we can now apply ‘Temperament filter’ based on the ‘Tempraz evaluation’ and thereby narrow down on the right remedy for that patient. .

To know more, you can download the teaching video on ‘Tempraz Expert System’ here.
We always wonder why there were so few remedies that we really know well? What about Hafnium or Krypton or any other element? Jan Scholten, through his work on elements and minerals tries to fill these incomplete patches very successfully, through the study of periodic table.

Each series (horizontal row) and each stage (vertical column) in the periodic table represents a common theme. Each element too, can be studied in relation to its natural physical and chemical characteristics. For e.g., Stage 18 (Inert gases) is described by Scholten using the keywords like ‘Freedom’, ‘Inert’, ‘Quiet’, ‘Rest’ etc.

Jan Scholten’s work on elements & minerals is the greatest contribution in the world of Homeopathy. He has introduced us to many unknown or very partially known remedies like Lanthanides, Hafnium or Krypton.
Element Theory Expert System has a key feature called ‘Practical analysis’. It helps us to analyze to which stage and series does the patient belong. We can select any of the keywords and its intensity for analysis. As soon as we start recording keywords, the tool starts guiding towards the most appropriate stage and series to the case. This is a unique feature and allows you to analyze the case ‘on the fly’. Key words can also be recorded using the free flow case record provided on the same screen.

The detailed analysis can now be studied and applied in the process of final selection of remedy.

To know more, you can download the teaching video on ‘Element Theory Expert System’ here.
Following books of Jan Scholten are included:
  • Homeopathy and the Elements
  • Homeopathy and Minerals
  • Secret Lanthanides
  • Repertory of the Elements
Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar gives us the confidence to treat even acute conditions with ease and assurance.

This expert system is created out of essence of experience of 30 years of homoeopathic practice of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. This method is extensively tried and tested. It is based on the flow chart of acutes, which is most updated and latest, with new remedies.
In ‘Acute Prescriber’ feature of Acute Expert System, the physician selects the activity level of the patient and other criteria (symptoms) when an acute patient presents and thus narrows down on the right prescription.

To know more, you can download the teaching video on ‘Acute Expert System’ here.
Acute expert system contains extensive referenced data including 7 books of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar.

Cases are separately sorted in the ‘Cases’ section in software where 10 acute and all other chronic cases from Dr. Vijayakar’s books can be viewed.
Hompath is THE homeopathic software for succeeding in practice. With a legacy of over 30 years, it houses the world’s largest database and is a crucial tool for everything homeopathic- right from history taking, to prescription, to follow-up, to auxiliary management, and learning at a go. Hompath is the software for homeopaths who genuinely want to help their patients and relieve them to give better health.
Homeopathy has seen great advancements in its field. It has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the 3 R’s- Remedies, Rubrics and Research. This giant leap, as well as the fact that prescribing needs to faster yet accurate, means that the treasures of homeopathy need technology so that access and application become easier and quicker.
A futuristic physician needs to think beyond a conventional practice to become the best. A homeopathic software irons out all the difficulties of today’s homeopath.

However, just about any homeopathic software does not serve your needs. You need a software that works hand-in-hand with you, a parallel intelligent thinker, that helps you through every step of your practice. That software is Hompath. Go beyond the traditional… Get Hompath!
The latest version of Hompath is available in the form of 7 distinctive Avatars- 5 of them to suit the needs and desires of various homeopathic physicians, and 2 Avatars created exclusively for students and budding homeopaths.

Witness the unique Features of Hompath.

Experience the right click remedy and touch success. Isn’t this what you want in life?.
Taking heed of the different requirements of different homeopaths, we have created special Avatars of our latest version. Each Avatar is distinct in its features and aims to provide for both the homeopathic and non-homeopathic needs of the physician. .
To know which Avatar suits your necessities, Compare the various Avatars for a birds eye view.
The Complete Repertory 2017 is a standard reference source, being one of the two principle modern repertories in use by homeopaths globally. It is the brainchild of Roger Van Zandvoort and has 43 chapters, including vast and detailed section on Mind, Generalities and Mirillis themes. Check Complete Repertory 2011 statistics for more details.
The 2016 edition contains nearly 2.3 million remedy additions in over 206,000 rubrics. Over 400 remedies have 50% more information than the Complete Repertory 2009 and nearly 28,000 new rubrics compared to Complete Repertory 2009, the outcome of immense addition of material, mostly from Clarke. Check Complete Repertory statistics for more details.
Robin Murphy’s Repertory is based on clinical diagnosis & referencing from the materia medica encompassing homoeopathy. It has 74 chapters in alphabetical formatting, and incorporates literature of Samuel Hahnemann, Kent, Allen, Hering, Boericke, Knerr, Kunzli, Phatak, Boenninghausen, Burnett, Clarke, Grimmer, Julian, Nash, and many more noted authors.
The Repertory of the Elements is based on the concepts of Jan Scholten. Using the Periodic Table as foundation, it builds on Scholten’s classification of the various stages and series, and gives a detailed view of the consequent remedies. The repertory has 3 components- Mind, General and Body.
Hompath has included 20 special clinical, regional and thematic repertories for a more specific, yet different view towards remedy selection and prescribing. Repertories particularly catering to clinical conditions like Asthma, Hypertension, Obesity, Piles, etc., as well repertories exclusively for Bach flower and Biochemic remedies, are just a few special repertories present in the software.
A software having the world’s largest database needs to be first and foremost, user-friendly. For this, some new tools have been added to make operation and application faster and simpler. An intuitive and interactive user interface, detailed Case History proforma, Quick Case Record, Allopathic Drug Data, means to prepare Statistics and Graphs, Tools for Rubric, Remedy & Repertorisation and Multimedia are just a few new features imbibed in the software.
At times when you do not have the time to enter a detailed Case history in the Classic Case Record, you can automatically record rubrics for repertorisation by clicking on the relevant pre-defined symptoms present in Quick Case Record classified according to various chapters. This feature saves at least 75% of your time and yet makes sure that you make the perfect prescription.
All homeopaths get patients who are already under treatment with allopathy. It then becomes essential, for accurate homeopathic remedy prescription, for the physician to know the symptoms of the patient and the possible symptoms coming on as a result of the allopathic drugs. Hompath gives you a panoramic outlook towards totality diagnosis with the section on Allopathic Drug Data, so that you can make an informed, accurate prescription.
Rubric, Remedy and Repertorisation tools are intuitive and intelligent instruments for faster, more efficient and simpler access within the software, and catches on to ANY reference present ANYWHERE in the software for various rubrics (including cross references, synonyms and themes), remedies (including Materia Medicae, Cases and Clinical Tips) and repertorisation (strategic filters). Everything you need to know about any one thing is in front of you in a single screen.
Yes. Hompath has created 2 softwares exclusively for homeopathic students and interns- Hompath Edge and Hompath Firefly.
Absolutely. Hompath Edge is available as a free download for all students. All you need to do is download the software, register it, get the Product Key and you can avail of all its features!
Hompath Edge and Hompath Firefly.are packed with many features needed by the student. Detailed knowledge of Clinical Examination, Investigations, Philosophies, Dissertation Guidelines, Homeopathic Dictionary are just a few elements included. These elements ensure a successful academic career for the student.
The Student Corner is a special utility section, which contains those features primarily needed by the student for academic and professional development. Clinical Examination, Important Investigations, Philosophies & Dissertation Guidelines are included in both Avatars, whereas Hompath Firefly, in addition, has Kent’s Clinical Cases and Professional Skills Development.
Hompath Firefly, the advanced Student Avatar, has a unique feature Guidelines for Dissertation, included in the Student Corner Module. You can create a dissertation of international quality with our perfect guidelines and tips.

Also, in all the avatars, using MM search feature, you can search for keywords related to your dissertation. The software searches all the Materia Medica books for the keywords entered. The sentences and paragraphs, which contain the keywords, are only displayed and can now be entered in your dissertation.
Hompath Edge and Firefly have an incredible Question Bank spanning various academic subjects for theoretical and viva examination preparations. Additionally, the Start Revision and Take a Test features enable you, as a student, to master the art of preparing and appearing for examinations perfectly.
The Professional Skills Development feature is a compilation of PowerPoint Presentations on various aspects of professional growth like leadership, will power, character building, decision making, negotiation, productivity multiplying, etc.
It is a decision support system or an application, which helps us apply specific methodology used by stalwarts in their practice to any suitable case, to choose the right remedy effectively and easily.
Different schools of thoughts have different approach to perceive a case and understand deeper aspects of patient management. They have attempted their methodology in hundreds of cases and have evolved a concrete system.

Expert systems bring this knowledge and experience of stalwarts in a condensed form of an application, which helps in choosing the similimum effortlessly according to their respective methodologies.
Hompath brings to you 7 Expert Systems developed on understanding of National & International Wizards to make it a truly global experience. Hompath offers these decision support systems – expert systems, to help you treat your patients better.

They are:
  • Tempraz by Dr. Parinaz Humranwala
  • Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar
  • Element Theory by Jan Scholten
  • Seigal Expert System by Sehgal Brothers
  • The Kent Expert System
  • The Boenninghausen Expert System
  • The Boger Expert System

  • In future, Hompath shall come up with many more expert systems incorporated in the software to help you choose your prescription precisely and confidently.
Kents method of analysis of symptoms is from generals to particulars. The causative factors are evaluated at the highest order, followed by mental generals, physical generals, particulars, and so on. Among the mental generals, those belonging to will and emotions are evaluated first followed by those belonging to the intellect.

The rubrics are automatically ranked in order of importance, irrespective of the order in which you have selected them. The final analysis is reflected in the remedy table. It is recommended to use this method, when your case has marked Mental Generals.
Boenninghausen applies the principles of concomitance. The totality of symptoms does not necessarily mean the sum total of symptoms, but it may be a single grand symptom which has the location, sensation, modality and a concomitant. These concomitants have been described by him as the unreasonable attendants in the case i.e., no scientific explanation can be given for their presence in the case, but they make their presence persistent and in a great intensity. In Boenninghausens analysis, these symptoms are evaluated considering them as most important in the repertorisation sheet.
The Boger method of repertorisation emphasizes on pathological symptoms or pathological generals to ascertain the seat of local disease. General descriptions like headache or toothache may not help in anyway, but the site and side of pain will greatly help in pointing to the right remedy. Boger also gives importance to the concomitants. It is recommended to use this method when the pathological or pathological generals are relatively more marked. The rubrics are automatically analyzed and rearranged at a single click, in order of importance of Bogerian evaluation, irrespective of the order in which you have recorded them while repertorizing the case.
Hompath provides the Backup & Restore feature under patient management section using which you can take a backup of entire patients data. Also using this feature you can take backup of selected data, selected patients data and selected physician data. During backup along with patient data additional data like user repertory, analysis data and materia medica favorites will also be backed up. You can also set the auto backup of data in intervals like daily, weekly and monthly.
Make sure that you have purchased the new version from Hompath. Take a back up of patient data of older versions using its Backup & Restore feature to a safe location and also on a pen drive. Uninstall older version and then install newer version of Hompath software. On initial start of the new software it asks for data restoration dialog box using which you can restore the previous versions data.
When you start the software for the first time, it asks for restoring patient and other user specific data from previous versions. Select the folder to restore the data from and click on restore. The data will be restored and available for use in newer version of Hompath software.