Zomeo Academic Software, a uniquely designed repertory software for homeopathy students and beginners in homeopathy. Best homeopathic literature with an easy to use interface, having 11 repertories, 150 reference books, 3250 homeopathic materia medica remedies. A reference tool to clinical investigations and clinical examinations.

What it Includes

  • 11 Repertories from Kent, Boericke, Boeninghausen’s Characteristics & Repertory(BBCR), Therapeutic Pocket Book(BTPB), Jeremy Sherr
  • Materia Medica information of 3250 homeopathic remedies
  • Repertory to Mental Qualities (Q-Rep) & 24 Proving books by Jeremy Sherr
  • 150 Volumes of homeopathic & materia medica reference books
  • Academic Corner with question Banks, MCQs, viva questions, cured cases,

12 Online Course Sessions – FREE

With Zomeo Academic version you get FREE registration to 12 online course sessions of 24 hours from Enlightenment Education from the best teachers of homeopathy

  • Evidence Based Homeopathy & Nanopharmacology for Respiratory Allergies by Dana Ullman
  • Conversion of Mental Symptoms into Repertorial Language by Dr. Mansoor Ali
  • Remedies having impact on mind Ayahusca, Anhalonium & Cannabis Indica by Dr. Jawahar Shah
  • Art of Selection of Remedy and Potency Repetition (Posology) by Dr. Jawahar Shah
  • Practical approach in managing Autism in children by Dr. Jawahar Shah
  • Directions of Cure by Dr. Petr Hoffman
  • Homeopathic approach to Common mental diseases & Anxiety Disorders its Management by Dr. Kumar Dhawale
  • Understanding of Mind Rubrics by Dr. Yogesh Sehgal
  • Unfolding Miasms - PSORA Session 1 by Dr. Jawahar Shah
  • Understanding of Medorrhinum - antisycotic, anti-miasmatic remedy by Dr. Jawahar Shah
  • Materia Medica of Platina, Palladium & Gratiola by Dr. Jawahar Shah
  • Homeopathic Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder(Autism) by Dr. Jawahar Shah

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Why Should You Use Zomeo Academic Software

Zomeo Academic Version helps you to improve your grades, increase your prescribing confidence, reduce the time in solving cases and arriving at similimum. Learning from Zomeo as part of your education prepares you to become a competent homeopathic physician.

Accelerate Your Career
With Zomeo's Academic version, you can effortlessly train yourself with quick access to repertories, materia medica, homeopathic books and materia medica of remedies.
Stand Out in Academics
Assist your exams with Zomeo Academic’s feature, Student Corner. Check the solutions as you practice the viva questions, question bank, clinical investigations, MCQs.
Save Time
Download Zomeo academic instantly and you can start finding rubrics, materia medica confirmatory symptoms within seconds. A smart guide to teach general examination, CNS, RS, GIT, Male and Female clinical examination.
Save Money, Get Free Courses
Zomeo Academic is lifetime valid software for just US$249. Boost your homeopathy learning with 12 online courses from best homeopathy teachers

Zomeo Academic Features: Explore & Learn

Instant Repertorisation sheet
Create your Repertorisation sheet quickly, analyse your medicines, check rubrics covered by remedies.
Create Unlimited Consultations
Add your patients, create their case data and prepare unlimited consultations.
Find & Record Rubrics
Record rubrics from repertories. Search, Quick Record, Search rubrics and remedies together.
Analyse Rubrics & Medicines
Use remedy and symptom filters to narrow down your medicines. Compare your medicines and prescribe accurately.
Accelerate Your Research
Browse through the collection of books by Samuel Hahnemann, Kent, Roberts, Hering, Farokh Master, Rajan Sankaran to enhance your homeopathic philosophy and literature
Learn faster and more deeply
Learn to solve challenging clinical cases with the help of 11 Repertories, 150 books, 3000+ remedies, 600+ patient instructions.
Confirm Your Prescription
Confirm your remedy using 1200 homeopathy books and 8000+ cases. Use Potency Selector to help to find dosage and repetition.
Know Your Remedies
Get single window view for 3500 remedies to know keynotes, properties, materia medica, cases and families.

See How Zomeo Works
I just bought their mobile app Hompath Firefly program and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am that I made this decision. It is a very good program value for money. I found it very easy to install, very easy to use. I can use it on the go in my various practice location. I have the App on my telephone so its all the time with me and the most amazing thing is it has almost all the features that my other desktop programs have. So, I am so pleased I made that decision and I wanted to let my colleagues know because it is definitely a valuable tool in ones practice and I can only highly recommend the program its value for money and also the support one gets from the Indian office is fantastic.

Angelika Metzger, London, UK

Clinical Practitioner, London, UK
“I have been using Hompath, since 25 years and the software, is progressive in nature, in terms of database, intelligent use, user-friendly. I have found Hompath extremely useful.”

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

International Teacher & Director,
"Hompath software is great because it is really easy to use. I can actually repertorise, in ten minutes, putting symptoms together and looking up the materia medica. I recommend this to every homeopath."

Jeremy Sherr

Homeopathy for Health in Africa(HHA)
"The program is excellent. You can repertorize your client with a range of information in order to respect the individuality of each and suggest the homeopathic remedy more agree. It can also improve knowledge with several philosophers and their definitions according to their thoughts. The therapist also has the opportunity to read about homeopathic medicine. The program allows you to have more security to repertorize and use it indefinitely."

Veralucia Santos

System Requirements

Your computer/laptop should have following basic system configurations to run Zomeo Academic Software.

System configurations for Mac Computers
  • macOS 10.8 or higher
  • 4GB minimum RAM (8GB recommended)
  • 4GB Hard Disk Space
  • USB Port
System configurations for Windows Computers
  • Windows 7 (64 bit) or above
  • 4GB (minimum) RAM
  • 4GB Hard Disk Space
  • USB Port